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Minorities: We Are All-Seeing

19 Mar

Hey, white people!

How’s it going? I’m just hanging out with my other minority friends and we were just talking about you!


No, no, nothing bad, we just all made some of the same observations! Its funny really.

We all know when you’re watching us! No, you’re not being too obvious, we’re just attuned to your eyeballs as they burn holes into our skin.


They’re up to something…

Like, Latinos they know that you’re looking at them when they are at an auto supply or hardware store and you’re just trying to figure out if its futile to ask them a question in English about a radiator hose or caulking. Meanwhile, they’re relieved that they have their passport on them because they’re worried you’re gonna report them to the INS even though they’re from Colorado.

What you see:


They took er juuuubsss!!!!

Or Asians know that if they’re in an electronics store of any kind you may ask them for help or advice on what to buy or the quality of the product. Meanwhile, most Asian people will just buy whatever electronic part they need on NewEgg after spending hours on the forums weighing the pros and cons of said product. The guy in the store? He’s just browsing.

What you see:


What the fuck is a DNS Server? Is that even a real thing?

You’d think that African Americans and Middle Eastern/Arab people have nothing in common, but they all know that you are watching them EVERYWHERE THEY GO! Why? Because you’re afraid they might start something and you need to know which way to run away from in case someone pulls a gat from his 90’s baggy jeans or someone rips opens their jacket and does that “li-li-li” sound. 

What you see:

NWAterr copy

Yes, that’s NWA, the height of white people fear. Oh, and those are terrorists.

But in all honesty, if you have blacks and Arabs in the same place, most likely, they’re in finance. Not the illegal kind either, they’re in retirement planning or some boring shit like that.


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete…next level shit.

P.S. I know India isn’t an Arab nation, but for the sake of comedic juxtaposition I took the liberty of using this picture.