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Dating IRL: Asking Out a Date

25 Apr

Unlike online dating, real life dating can be tricky. (WOW! That’s a false statement!)

Even though there are lots of pitfalls of dating outside of a dating website, the first pitfall that usually happens is knowing if the meeting is actually a date. So:

How should I ask someone out?

Am old enough to date?

Am I old enough to date?

In order to make this as easy as possible, I’ve created a dialogue to help you through date requisition:

Hello [date target’s name]. Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Now it may seem awkward and forced to say the words “Go Out” or “Date,” but trust me, these words will make it known that you want to see this person in a romantic way. You don’t need to use both phrases, one will suffice. You may also use, “Take you out” or “Buy you dinner.” If you don’t say these words, you and your target won’t know if the rendezvous is a date or simply a friendly meeting. 

Possible Responses: “Yes” or “No”

If No, end dialogue. Turn, walk away.

If Yes:

“When are you free?”

Making a preliminary plan is a sign of commitment to the Romantic Rendezvous and that you are not a flake.

Possible Response(s): “I am free on [specified time].”

If the specified time is acceptable, move to last dialogue point.

If the specified time is unacceptable, try:

“[Alternate time] would be acceptable for me.”

Options: decide on location, activity, and/or budget of Romantic Rendezvous.

Continue this scheduling for as long as needed. When scheduling is concluded:

Acceptable, this [date] at [time].

Acquire adequate contact information, smile, turn, walk away.

This should conclude “How to ask for a date.”

Now, go forth and make your romantic intentions known!