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Love Is a Smartphone App

28 Mar

A few weekends ago I went to a performance by a band that performs klezmer music in Yiddish and English—they describe themselves as “Yiddish cabaret punk” and it’s a disturbingly accurate description of their genre.  As a special guest there was a delightful Russian fellow who opened the show with a song with the line “love is a smartphone app.”  Everyone chuckled, because the rest of the song was pretty quaint and klezmery and this modern line popped up unexpectedly.  “There’s an app for that” may not be used in commercials anymore, but it’s certainly something I find myself saying, obnoxiously.  And when it comes to dating, of course, there’s an app for that.

But anything is better than video dating, right?

While I don’t use apps like Grindr or Crazy Blind Date because they are, oh, I dunno, creepy (and I watch a lot of Law &Order: SVU, I embrace the intersection of dating and modern technology.  As remarkably shitty as it can be for finding people interested in serious relationships (see previous and, let’s face it, future rants, I mean posts), technology has helped me immensely in dating.  “Hookup culture” crap exists and is perpetuated by dating via the interwebs (see this NYTimes article that sums it up for me), but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Before online dating, and in the actual real world of 3D people, shy people were and are relegated to their shy corners where they were shy and alone.  But like I often lament, that fact is that men don’t know where I live, so they aren’t going to just find me.  And if I’m at a party or a bar, I’m most likely the one standing to the side with my drink, sweating, or saying something lame to a guy while sweating.  Enter the internet, where I can instantly use the wit and charm that would eventually come out once I got to know someone.