About BaconKitty

BaconKitty is an outlet for the musings and machinations of a swell guy and gal who each both love and loathe the internet-fueled world in which they live.  Prepare for cynicism, sarcasm, and, if you look hard enough, sentimentality…

About your writers:

Marcus is an L.A. native, college grad, actor, humorist, editor, sound designer, writer, director, producer, but most of all…part-time restaurant manager.  Email him at marcust@baconkitty.com.

Danielle is a late twenty-something (soon to be 30-year-old), late-bloomer who loves kitsch and cats.  Her cubicle job makes her butt squishy and her eyes sensitive to the rays of Earth’s sun.  Email her at daniellek@baconkitty.com.


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