Department of Motor Vehicles

16 May

I got a notice that, for the first time since I got my driver’s license at 17, I need to renew in person, not via snail mail.

At first, there was disbelief.

What?  Why can’t I renew by mail?  It hasn’t been THAT long, has it?  Why, yes… yes it has been.  That 2013 expiration date on my license has been this abstract, far away thing—that is now right here.

Then it was just the inconvenience that got to me.

I’ve got to make the appointment and they’ll never take me on time and I have to tell work that I’ll be out/late, blah blah blah.

Then I read the notice carefully and realized this was going to be one of those “Oh, shit, I’m actually getting older” moments.

I need to get a new photo and take a vision test (and likely update any other pertinent information).  They also list the current info so you can compare your stats.  Age?  Older, of course.  Vision?  Worse.  Height?  Same.  Weight?  I’m going to just crawl into a hole now, thankyouverymuch…


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