My 2012 (Tax) Year in Review!

16 Apr

So, it’s tax week! Hopefully most of you didn’t wait till the last second to file them, but really, better late than never!

warning_sign copy

While reviewing my year in bank/credit statements and calendar events, I suddenly got very nostalgic. I didn’t realize how much of my life is tracked by my use of money and car.


The beginning of 2012 is boring!


Pasadena to film Happy Endings (the TV show not the massage parlor option (if it was the massage parlor option…eww, filming?)).


Sell old car, buy new CAR!!!!


The bachelor party! Not mine, but I planned one. Skeet shooting, large quantities of meat, and lots of alcohol. Thankfully, no purchases from “illicit establishments.” We were trying to keep it classy.

That was followed by purchasing a suit for the wedding. A nice charcoal. Which was great because I needed a new suit. I paid with a check to have it altered.

Best day of the year: Record radio commercial in Santa Monica, Audition in Miracle Mile, Philly Cheese Steak, Record cartoon at Nickelodeon.


Then off to DC for the wedding. Purchases at the Smithsonian, a metro pass, Whole Foods, spy museum, National Art Gallery. I got to know the town a little better. The day of the wedding no purchases until I bought the groom’s grandfather a Makers Mark at the hotel bar.

Back home. I went on a date to see Cabin in the Woods. Great movie. The date was promising. I was excited to see how the next one would go.


Off to Scottsdale, AZ. Not a purchase, but my friends and I spent much of the first night vacuuming bugs and killing scorpions. Gas, bars, karaoke bar. In Phoenix at Alice Cooperstown we ordered “The Big Unit” because it’s fun to say.

Get back home, go on a second “date.” I put date in quotes because she failed to mention at the beginning of the date that she had met someone. I deal with it well, if not kindly… Basically, I was an asshole. But I’m pretty sure I had just cause. 

Then Comic-Con! Hang out with nerds, friends, nerd-friends, see panels of shows I love, forget about the bad date, drink myself silly every night! Good trip!


Get home, I go out on an OKCupid date. It goes well, really well. We go out again, and again, and again. L.A. County Fair. She meets my friends. More dates.


This girl could be something!

Then she stops it. I delete our text history.


Acting class! New friends, back to work! Expensive, but worth it!

Meet a friend of a friend at a birthday. Meet again. We go on Halloween Hay Ride. It goes well.


My birthday! Drinks and late night pastrami! I have incredible friends!

Second date, she’s late, she’s high, she’s petty, mean, judgmental. Not of me, but of everyone else. But I ask her out again.


She flakes on our third date.

She texts me a few days later. I text back. She doesn’t respond. She gets mad at me for not texting back and begins to text bomb me with angry messages. I send one text and end whatever the hell kind of “relationship” two dates is. I block her number.

Buy a bottle of Jack at CVS…for New Year’s! With people, not just me. That would be a sad way to end the year! Me drinking alone…

What this all means:

I guess I’ve learned that the bad memories are the most vivid and the good ones are a blur.

So, thank you 2012 for everything. The good and the bad. 

…And also for not killing us like the Mayans said.


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